The Binge guide to flavoured Fanta

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August 29, 2017
When Cola begins to feel unadventurous.

Most of our Indian readers are likely to know of Fanta as an orange-flavoured soda. It's a good cola substitute. A substantial gulp snuffs out any gustatory discomfort induced by Szechuan, Sriracha, or samosas. Sometimes, it even makes a good substitute for an ice lolly. But since Binge shifted base, we found out that the sugary, citrus-y fizz comes in alternate flavours like grape, berry, strawberry, mango and pineapple as well. 

Dublin supermarkets like Donnybrook Fair and Spar stack cans of these in their refrigerators. If you're travelling or moving base like us, and are intimidated by the newness of the flavours despite their approachability, we've tried them all out and identified flavour profiles you'd easily relate to. 



Tastes like: Rowntree fruit gums

Pairs best with: Home-delivered pizza. And lots of ice. 



Tastes like: Blue Curacao fizz

Pairs well with: Anything bland or citrussy.



Tastes like: Fox candy

Pairs well with: So good on its own that we recommend drinking it before / after you eat. 



Tastes like: Aerated Frooti 

Pairs well with: Spicy Chinese food.



Tastes like: Cream wafers, without the crunch

Pairs well with: Biscuits. Dessert Fanta.