Singapore takes food innovation seriously

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Shreeti Thapliyal
April 11, 2017
Restaurants with minimal manpower and 3D printing of food are now forseeable.

The Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) in Singapore is making advancements in food technology. This will include automated processes with minimal human interaction, like 3D printing of food and meal kit subscriptions. Michael Tan, the CEO of the Singapore Productivity Centre, has stated that the automation of the industry will help save time since workers will be able to focus on other aspects of work.

This technology will help small and medium businesses cope with the increasingly competitive food and beverage world, rising expenses and a slow-growing economy.  The FIRC has seen a 20 percent increase in companies approaching them for help in revolutionising their businesses, and has predicted that 3D printing is likely to be a trend. Creating meals that will contribute to wellness (mental health, better vision, movement, etc) is the goal. Those who subscribe to the meal kits will be able to receive boxes with ingredients and directions on how to prepare the final dish.

These improvements will not only help businesses economically, but also to reduce food waste. High-pressure processing techniques have made it possible to increase the shelf life of food items.

Tan of SPC believes that the attitudes of workers will need to change to make them more receptive to these upcoming changes.