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Graphic by Hitesh Singhal
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Vritti Bansal
January 15, 2018
Coy, flirtatious, addictive, sometimes provocative; always elegant.

This theme is our most ambitious so far. Realising its delicate nature and immense potential, we allowed only our most trusted writers to play around with it. All four stories in this issue will have innuendo—in the language, in the mood, in titles, or in interpretation. Spot them, giggle at them, see if you can catch all of them. This isn't food porn; it's about realising the seductive power of food and eating—and toying with both linguistically. If this issue were a woman, it’d be coy, flirtatious, addictive, sometimes provocative, but always elegant.


A hint here, a sweet nothing there. The minty breath of a studmuffin.
Graze an arm; maybe a leg, too. Wrap. Peel off. Simmer. Stew.
Skim. Bare the fruit. Pop. Peaches and cream. With a cherry on top.
Hold, caress. Your cup of tea. When in doubt, go for steaming hot.