Chef Jagger Gordon solidifies his statement against food waste this winter

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Shreeti Thapliyal
January 02, 2017
The Toronto-based chef prepared more than 600 meals over Christmas using food that would otherwise have been thrown in landfills.

Every year, approximately $31 billion worth of food is sent to landfills.

Chef Gordon wants to encourage the government to ban restaurants and grocery stores from throwing out ingredients and food items which have not perished and are still in usable condition. He suggests the food be donated to shelters and food banks instead of being wasted.

In 2014, Gordon started the Feed It Forward program, and this year, used surplus food to create around 600 Christmas meals. He uses donated items to do this. The meals are then distributed by churches and other community groups to those in need. Since its conception, Jagger has prepared over 12,000 meals. His agenda also includes working on an app meant to connect those in need with donors.

The chef clearly has intelligent ideas in mind for the cause, including looking up to countries such as France and Italy, where food waste is illegal and restaurants that donate extra ingredients are rewarded with tax breaks.