The UAE will soon have an app to help control food waste

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Shreeti Thapliyal
February 24, 2017
The app will also let people donate excess food.

The GCC countries have been among the world's top generators of food waste. According to Massar Solutions, a vehicle rental and supply chain company, an estimated 3.27 million tonnes of food manufactured and produced in the UAE was wasted in 2015.

Students from the Pristine Private School in Dubai are working on developing an app named FoodAge which aims to reduce food waste in the UAE. The app will allow users to scan barcodes on food products, logging it in their stock. Reminders will then be sent for expiry dates of products, and the app will also provide users with recipes, preservation tips and indicte the nutritional value of the food products.

The project won the first edition  of Taqaddam UAE School Level Competition (a program to provide the youth with tools to develop personal and professional skills) among 240 participating students. HSBC and The British Council will be providing the winning students with logistical and digital support.

Every year, 32.7% (approximately 1.3 billion tonnes) of produced food is wasted globally. Besides keeping track of stock and expiry, users will also be able to use the app to donate excess food to those in need.