Germany decides to ban meat at official events

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March 06, 2017
Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks is trying to set an example with a sustainability-driven approach.

As a counter move against climate change, the German government has banned any form of meat from being served at official events . German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks wants her ministry to set a positive example by becoming a part of the fight against climate change. The statement also includes that food products at these events must be sourced from local vendors, and the ingredients must be kept seasonal.

According to the Stanford Environmental Law Journal (2015), animal agriculture is the largest cause for global crises like climate change, species extinction, hunger, diabetes and ocean dead zones. Through increasing demand, animal agriculture has led to the destruction of wildlife, deforestation and overfishing.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation released a study in 2006 which showed that livestock production is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gases emitted globally. They also estimated that approximately 75% of fisheries are exploited and will be depleted by 2048.

The ban has met controversy with members from the Christian Democrat Party who claim that it restricts the freedom of choice. Hendricks, a Social Democrat, has countered this claim by stating that the ban does not dictate people’s choices, but rather gives them more sustainable options.