Sundrop Farms: Australia uses solar power to grow more than 15,000 tonnes of tomatoes every year

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October 25, 2016
Water and energy shortage now has a resolution, even if not always commercially viable.

Sustainable farming has taken on a new meaning in Australia—Sundrop Farms uses greenhouses that function on solar power to cultivate tomatoes. These are then sold across the country. 

At these farms, heat and electricity are generated with the help of solar towers. Around a million litres of seawater is also de-salinated using the same technology. These, along with coconut coir, are then used in greenhouses instead of soil, fossil fuels and fresh water. 

Besides being a boon in areas like deserts that have a low fresh water supply, this also lowers costs of operation for the greenhouses. Overall, sustainable technology that can reduce carbon dioxide equivalent to 500 cars on roads is a huge, statement-making step for the food industry.