Stigma attached to wasting food in the UK not enough: Only 3% of 5,000 adults feel strongly

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September 08, 2016
A Sainsbury survey reveals adults would rather save electricity than avoid food waste.

A survey about food waste habits by Sainsbury, of more than 5,000 adults in the UK, shows that people are more conscious about turning lights and heating off than they are about reducing the amount of food that's thrown away.

The report has disturbed Sainsbury professionals who've been working towards new technology worth over £1m to help reduce food waste. They are bothered by the lack of a stigma attached to wasting food and the fact that while people make efforts to reduce energy use, larger savings that could be accomplished by throwing away less food are being ignored.

Food Rescue, a Sainsbury's campaign, seeks to make people aware of the statistics of household food waste in the UK. The supermarket chain has collaborated with Google to create an app that works visibly hard to provide recipes and inspiration for people to use leftover food in their kitchens. Find it online here: