Germany worries about terror attacks; advises citizens to stock up on water and food

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August 24, 2016
Terrorist activities in the past have thrown the German government into panic mode.

What might otherwise be hoarding for a night in or a weekend of binge watching Netflix has taken on a more serious meaning. The German government asking its citizens to stockpile food to last ten days, and bottled water to last at least five days, is being compared to the era of the Cold War.

Two consecutive terror attacks in the month of July have put the country on high alert. Although Germans have taken to ironic tweeting about #panicbuying, the gravity of the matter cannot be laughed away or ignored. Dietmar Bartsch, parliamentary head of the left-wing Die Linke party, has criticised the move as being alarmist.

Germany does not foresee an attack or national emergency at the moment, but is stern about putting precautionary measures into action. A document named the Concept for Civil Defence has been prepared by the Interior Ministry, which advises the country to prepare for a situation that might be a threat to national security.

The issue is due to be discussed in the cabinet today.