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Summer drinks along Delhi streets

Photo credit: 
Sushant Sinha.
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April 12, 2017
The city's vendors have an edible solution to everything, including being out in the heat.

Sattu sharbat (above), Turkman Gate

Made by roasting black chickpeas, which are then powdered, and mixed with water, sugar and ice. A variation with salt, lemon juice and powdered cumin is also popular. A glass of either is very cooling.

Bel sharbat, Barakhamba Road

Photo credit: Sushant Sinha

Lassi (in a kullad), Fatehpuri, Old Delhi

Kullards, cups made of clay, help keep the drink naturally cool.

Photo credit: Sushant Sinha

Jaljeera, near the Old Delhi Railway Station

Photo credit: Sushant Sinha

Photo credit: Sushant Sinha

Shikanji, Connaught Place

Photo credit: Sushant Sinha

Rooh Afzah sharbat, Turkman Gate

Photo credit: Sushant Sinha

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