Britain to head to Berlin for inaugural European street food cook-off

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March 29, 2017
Makers of the British Street Food app have expanded their yearly contest.

Be it fish and chips along the Brighton Pier or kimchi burritos around King's Cross in London, street food in Britain has received much regular enthusiasm.

Around since 2010, the British Street Food Awards have so far gotten Britain’s finest traders to compete for Best Overseas Trader. The national cook-off used to be judged by a panel of Michelin Star chefs along with the general public.

This year, the burgeoning of street food culture has impelled the organisers to raise their steaks. Entries will include street food stars from each European country. The winner of the British title from among Edinburgh, Leeds, Brighton, Belfast and Birmingham will go on to the Europe final.

The London and the South heats of the British Street Food Awards will be held at Brighton Beach on July 30. Berlin will host the finals end of September.