Restaurant chains encourage customers to grow their own ingredients as part of brand promotion

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April 26, 2017
Burger-Fi follows Wahaca’s footsteps in adopting consequential marketing.

With every burger that is sold, BurgerFi—a gourmet burger chain in the US—has been giving away coasters which when planted, grow into lettuce heads. BurgerFi’s operations are built and maintained by putting environmental sustainability first.

In the past, Wahaca in London has taken a similar route by letting customers take away matchbox-lookalikes, which were actually seed sticks for growing chilli. In addition, for a week in May 2016, Wahaca provided customers with a small pot, compost, seeds and directions to successfully grow chilli plants.  

Both these businesses source ingredients from farms, ensuring they are not treated with harmful chemicals.

Through these giveaways, popular restaurant chains not only promote eco-friendly, sustainable operations but also encourage consumers to contribute to their own kitchen garden. The encouragement to grow their own ingredients personalises the consumer’s relationship with food to a great extent. It also makes people more aware of what they’re consuming, including how these ingredients reach the plate.